First medium-term, peer-reviewed biochar field trial | What happened to all the carbon?

You wont see or hear any of this being reported by the International Biochar Initiative or its tentacle-like affiliates all over the world (including NZ) who are trying their hardest to get Biochar accepted as a way of generating carbon credits.

“These unexpected findings show how little is known about the soil and climate impacts of biochar and how risky it would be to include biochar in climate change mitigation, especially carbon markets. It builds on concerns raised amongst others by a non-peer reviewed field study in Quebec (LINK), in which two years after biochar was applied of 3 t/ha, no additional carbon was found in those soils compared to control plots without biochar. The impacts of biochar additions to soil cannot be assumed to result in consistent and reliable soil carbon increase.”

Download the Briefing from Biofuelwatch
Please pass this important  information on to others working on soil / agricultural emission reductions, and check the following link for real, fair and effective solutions 😉 Agriculture and Climate ChangeReal Problems, False Solutions

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**HUGE BIG thanks to biofuelwatch for all their work on this**


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