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Kia Ora Friends, Colleagues and Comrades, Welcome to Climate Justice Aotearoa!

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What is Climate Justice Aotearoa?

Those involved in CJA got together because we saw a space that needed to be filled in New Zealand’s environmental and climate change movement. We are a New Zealand based collective committed to advancing social and ecological justice in the context of a world teetering on the brink of ecological destabilisation.

We wish to provide information on climate change related topics through research, education and communication. To do so, we will be sending out regular blogs about climate justice issues here in Aotearoa, speaking with people around New Zealand and overseas about climate justice, researching environmental issues from a social justice perspective and trying our very best to ensure this information is communicated to you; whether you are involved in climate justice focussed mahi yourself, environmental issues more broadly, or are just kind of curious. We want to explore what is really happening to our environment and why, so that New Zealanders can make informed decisions about what to do about it, and what real solutions and pathways forward can look like.

Climate Justice Aotearoa is linked in with a large and growing global movement of grassroots organizations and networks of people acting on Climate Justice issues everywhere. You can read more about our aims and the main avenues of our work on this page.


Why is Climate Justice Aotearoa needed today?

Aotearoa’s environmental movement is growing. It’s positively blooming. Thousands upon thousands of New Zealanders are taking action against climate change. A powerful movement is emerging to stop fossil fuel extraction aimed at defending communities from exploitative extraction companies and keeping fossil fuels in the ground themselves. It is incredibly inspiring.

Not all solutions to the climate crisis were created equal. In fact, some of them, especially the ones designed to keep large corporations pockets lined with cash, are just plain dangerous, ineffective and/or damaging to the environment and people. If we want to act for change and bring about a just and sustainable world, then we need to be clear about what we are working towards. We need solutions that will help people and planet, that will really tackle climate change, and move us towards more economic and social equality, not further away from it.

Climate Justice Aotearoa exists because we want to help those acting for change to be as informed as possible, and linked into global efforts to confront the root causes of climate change and bring about a better world, from below.

So what is Climate Justice? See our page HERE.


What we can CJA do for you?- Just ask!

  • We can share information
  • We can speak to your group about climate justice in Aotearoa and elsewhere
  • We can put you in contact with others acting for climate justice both here in Aotearoa and in other parts of the world. Or point you to someone who may know more about a particular issue that you are interested in.
  • If you have a story to tell about environmental justice or injustice, and what you’re doing about it, please let us know!



What can you do for CJA?

1) Keep updated on our blog [this website], share it with friends and colleagues

2) LIKE our facebook page HERE

Please also get in touch with us, say hi and share with us any feedback on our website and organization. We also need money to be able to do what we do, so if you are feeling generous please donate on our Support Page HERE