VIDEO : JUST TRANSITION ASSEMBLY : Zone d’climate action – Paris 10 December

Alison Tate of the International Trade Union Confederation joins ‘fenceline’ community activists for a major Just Transition Assembly in the Zone d’action climate.

“One of the first big assemblies of the Climate Action Zone was the Just Transition Assembly put on by the It Takes Roots delegation. The event kicked off with a panel of climate leaders talking about the connections between labor and climate, and the importance of local economies in a just transition. Grassroots Global Justice board member and delegate Jose Bravo started off the discussion by talking about the history of a just transition. Workers and “fenceline” environmental justice communities are both impacted by irresponsible and global production at all levels.

Following the panel, participants were given the opportunity to talk about the vision and challenges of achieving a just transition in their communities. ”

To learn more about this work around a just transition, visit Our Power Campaign or Grassroots Global Justice Alliance.”

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