Find your Frontline – Just transition workshop

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For people on the receiving end of climate impacts like weather related disasters and rising sea levels it’s pretty easy to know where one stands in relation to the impacts of climate change. For others, particularly those on the wrong end of the drivers of climate change it isn’t always so obvious.

For workers, their whanau and communities, it may help to go through a process of identifying where and how they are impacted by not just the effects but also the drivers of the problem. This is a first step towards taking meaningful collective action with others who are in a similar positions.

In collaboration with, Climate Justice Aotearoa and Unite Union teamed up to develop a workshop for union members to do just this. Its called Find your Frontline, in reference to frontline communities confronting the causes and effects of climate injustice.

We ask that all those who have completed the workshop fill in this feedback form below. In doing so you agree to receive communications from the organisations that built this workshop.

Donations for further development of this resource and facilitation of further workshops are needed and can be made through PayPal.

You can contact Gary Cranston at (+64) 0294555979 or for further information and guidance on how to run and facilitate these workshops.

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