Where to begin with climate justice

While the term climate justice will mean different things to different people, the basic concept is that climate change is not equally caused by everyone and climate change will not impact everyone equally. The reason for this being that there is a severely unequal power based relationship between those who have caused climate change and those who will be able to use their wealth and political privilege to insulate themselves from the effects of it.

The good news is that climate justice has the potential to help connect seemingly separate impacted communities not just as victims, but as people fighting for a better world, together.

Some core principles and demands of Climate Justice are as follows;

  • Prevent catastrophic climatic destabilisation
  • Confront the structural / root causes of emissions
  • Rejection of false market-orientated and technological quick-fix solutions
  • Promoting socially just and ecologically sound alternatives defined by those who will be affected
  • Democratic ownership and control of economy
  • Resource sovereignty (energy, food, water, land etc)
  • Leaving fossil fuels in the ground
  • Reparations of ecological debt to those who have suffered from resource exploitation
  • Protection and defense of untouched eco-systems

Please write to us and tell us what climate justice means to you.

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