Jessie Dennis on UN climate negotiations : We are the ones we’ve been waiting for : There won’t be any justice in their negotiating text


“There won’t be any justice in their negotiating text” Jessie Dennis at the 16th International Climate Negotiations in Cancun Mexico. Photo credit Orin Langelle/ Global Justice Ecology Project-Global Forest Coalition. Next week the Paris climate negotiations (COP) start and I’ve been thinking about them with a fair  bit of dread.…

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Book Review : This Changes Everything by Naomi Klein


Cross-posted with permission from… by Naomi Klein: Simon & Schuster, 2014 Review by Daphne Lawless (Fightback Auckland / Tāmaki Makarau) It’s quite depressing to note how long the facts have been out there that capitalism is – literally and figuratively – eating up the only planet we have. Scientists were telling…

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The Climate Talks in Paris will Fail: Why


Robert J. Burrowes As expectations build for a global consensus to emerge from the United Nations climate conference in Paris, starting on 30 November 2015, that could agree to taking action to limit any rise in global temperature to 2 degrees celsius, I would like to explain why these expectations…

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Why does humanity accept pollution?


by Joleen Scott. Recently I responded to a rather discouraging, and somewhat rude, comment on the news report covering the Sarah Thompson law suit against Tim Groser. Wow, I thought. What an inspirational young woman. To stand up for what she believes in, and in such a public way. She…

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COP21: A new disguise for an old agreement


Published Oct 19, 2015 : Pablo Solón The Climate Paris Agreement carries with it the shadow of the Cancun Agreement and like it, will fail. Both Agreements are based on voluntary pledges that prioritized the interests of polluting corporations and governments rather than the needs of humanity and life on Earth. To…

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World People’s Conference 2015 : Bolivia

Screenshot 2015-10-10 at 1.35.48 PM

The people’s summit “on Climate Change and the Defense of Life” was organised specifically to produce a declaration that represents the needs and wishes of people most impacted and least heard when it comes to climate change impacts and solutions. “We demand that the Paris Agreement does address the structural causes…

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