Why does humanity accept pollution?


by Joleen Scott. Recently I responded to a rather discouraging, and somewhat rude, comment on the news report covering the Sarah Thompson law suit against…


Thoughts on the road to Paris


Reposted from ParisClimateJustice.org “We seek to begin a dialogue on the problem of the most pressing global challenge of the twenty-first century – climate change. Since…


Not Saving the World at COP 21

By Alex Scrivener Over the last few months, attempts have been made to present COP 21, the ‘landmark’ Paris climate summit to be held in…


Where to begin with climate justice


Climate Justice recognises that climate change has the potential to link seemingly separated issues and seemingly seperated communities not just as victims, but as people fighting…


Papatuanuku is not for sale

Gary Cranston – Climate Justice Aotearoa – 17 Sep 2012 Published in Craccum Magazine Aotearoa has been up in arms over asset sales, the privatisation of our…


Amazon Watch : From Amazon to Zealand

Brazilian oil interests go global, stirring conflicts with Maori indigenous communities. April 15, 2011 | Andrew E. Miller “So, you are an artist and activist?”…