Video : Oil Free Wellington take to the water as NZ Government admits Paris outcome will do nothing to change Oil Drilling plans

welly-150x111On 13 December 2015, people from all over Aotearoa NZ took to Wellington Harbour to tell fossil fuel companies to “Expect Resistance” to any plans for exploration or extraction of oil and gas. This day of action was part of Oil Free Wellington’s Change Everything climate justice weekend.

“On the day the Paris climate agreement was signed, we came out to say that we’ll work for climate justice regardless of any deal signed in Paris and to let deep sea oil companies coming to our shores know they should expect resistance.”

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‘Today we sent a message to oil and gas companies intending to fuel climate change by drilling off our coast, but it was also a practice for more direct action.
It is clear that the fight for climate justice will be won by people joining together across our struggles to take action, not in the halls of a corporate sponsored junket.”

“There might be a climate deal, but our Government has already said they’re making no plans to stop fossil fuel extraction like deep sea oil. That’s why we’ll keep coming out to stop those plans and demand climate justice.”

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