Ceres Organics workers strike in Auckland, New Zealand


The Ceres Organics distribution centre workers – striking for the second time as the company repeatedly refuses to negotiate over better wages, redundancy entitlements and overtime rates – say Ceres Organics also denied union members their right to natural justice.

“They (Ceres) are certified by BioGro New Zealand, but they have to have a social justice policy to get certification, which includes freedom of association and for participation in a union on site”.

“The issue we’re having is natural justice rights aren’t there. [The workers] have been discouraged from participating in the union, our membership halved in the past three years which is from how the company approached them.”

“We’ve had people bullied or been told if they stay in the union their jobs are in jeopardy,”

– Marcus Coverdale, First Union organiser

Link: Stuff.co.nz: Ceres Organics workers strike for better working conditions


Want to help? Download this PDF flyer below and hand it out to customers of any retailer that sells Ceres products.

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