John Key isn’t worried about climate change, because he won’t be affected by it.

 John Key doubts climate change will get as dire as predicted.

John Key reckons in ten years time everyone will be driving an electric car, so climate change isn’t a problem. He’s partly right.

Climate change won’t be a problem for the rich. People like John Key, and those who vote for him because it’s in their own self interest to do so, will easily insulate themselves from the effects of climate change, while they benefit from solutions that are inaccessible to everyone else and do nothing to stop climate change from running away with itself anyway.

They will have their electric cars, their free / cheap renewable energy systems, their bougie-hippie cleaning products with little dolphin logos on them, plenty of overpriced organic food to eat and their second, third, fourth homes to run away to.

Make no mistake about it. We’re not all in the same boat. The experiences of people in economically and politically underprivileged places smashed by climate related disasters, including in so-called developed countries has shown us that the rich are mobile, insured and unaffected by the climate change their economy is causing. Just look at what happened in New Orleans. Poor people died on their rooftops while the rich escaped.

John Key won’t be affected by climate change. Neither will his children. Neither will others of their class. They will have new electric toys and more than enough stolen wealth to build a million walls between themselves and the impacts of climate change while the majority of humanity will be left with war, death and famine.

This is ecological class war folks, and it will turn into ecological austerity unless we recognise that we’re not all in the same boat and start treating it as such.

PM doubts international climate change predictions

Newstalk ZB staff,
Wednesday, 16 December 2015, 10:00AM

A historic deal has been reached at the recent climate conference in Paris to limit global warming to well below two degrees above pre-industrial levels.

AUDIO: John Key joins Leighton Smith live in studio

While Key agrees climate change is an issue, he doubts it will see the world grow five to ten degrees warmer as scientists predict.

He’s confident there will be answers to those factors contributing to climate change.

“I’ve seen a lot of leaders get up and say that this is potentially the biggest threat to mankind. Well that may be true, but my point really would be it’s not going to get there.”

He said half of New Zealand’s emissions come from animals, our oil energy generation is largely renewable and he also expects in ten years time everyone will be driving an electric car.

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